Michel Mota da Cruz

Hi, this is me.
Well, actually I'm not a panda, but you get the idea.

Don't know what you're looking for, but I hope you'll find it. Here you will stumble upon some shiney things, some slightly moving shaped objects, some of my skills and if you're lucky a unicorn.

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Yeah, designing. I like that.

In graphic design, imagination can get you anywhere. But next to graphical design, I focus also on webdesign. From drawing wireframes to the actual design. Taking incounter that UX is a big part these days and designs needs to fit all kind of devices. By the way, did you see the unicorn yet?

When not at work, i'm playing around. Some of that work can be found on my Dribbble or Society6 acount. But don't get too excited, still need to put more work on there.

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Ooooh, code. That's cool too!

Not as an all-day-in-the-basement-never-see-daylight kind of backend programmer trying to looking cooler than Sandra Bullock in The Net. But more the front-end dude, developing designs into browsable pages. Not the hipster looks, but with the same skills. Trying to stay updated on new techniques and apply them in cool projects.

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Animation Design

Still trying to develop my skills in Animation Design. Fairly new to this game, but trying to experiment with new techniques in my spare time.

Some of my animation work can be found on Dribbble

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